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I am America.

My mountains tall and strong, my valleys lush and vast,

My plains wide and fruitful, My Rivers rushing to the oceans that embrace my shores.

I am the beacon of hope, the bastion of freedom. 

I give safe harbor to all who flee any tyranny.

I will endure long after those, who seek to destroy me, have departed this earth.

I have gladly given the blood and lives, of my young and my old,

 to protect the basic human freedoms of my friends and my enemies.

I will persevere.

I am an American.

I am every ethnicity, every religion, and none.

I am tall and short, male and female, adult and child.

I am proud of my country and all her accomplishments.

Yes, I have made mistakes, I acknowledge them, I am contrite.

But I will not cower before those who seek to destroy that which I have labored and built.

I will turn the other cheek, As I have many times before,

But now only to gauge the distance of my enemies jaw.

I am bloody, bruised and wounded, But I am not dead.

I am mad and, once again, in defense of my democracy,

I will destroy my enemies.

Let freedom ring!

Lou "The Pointman" Sorrell

L 3/5, 3d Plt., RVN 1967-1968

Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (retired)

September 12, 2001